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Online Store of James Williams

Throughout my career as an autistic self-advocate, I have written and co-written several books, and have recorded and co-recorded several albums of solo recorder music. On this page, you can purchase my books and/or CDs below via PayPal.

Books Written and Co-Written by James Williams


James Williams is an SP or special person - he was diagnosed with autism during early childhood. His mother, Joan Matthews, is an NP or normal person. As James grew up, his different perception of the world and the lack of understanding from NPs created problems. Together, he and his mother met the challenges with ingenuity and humour. One day, while taking a walk, James and Joan decided to write a book of their practical solutions. The Self-Help Guide for Special Kids is that book.

Covering everything from eye sensitivity, to knowing how far away to stand from other people, to being polite when someone is crying, James and Joan's book describes the problems that an SP may face, and the solutions which they have found to work successfully. Pervaded by their caustic humour and common sense, The Self-Help Guide for Special Kids will be invaluable to other SPs and their families both as a source of advice and a fresh and witty account of how it feels to be an SP.

Price: $20 per book


A comic novel about an eleven-year-old autistic boy who struggles to cope with the absurdities of so-called "normal" life, both in the classroom and with his eccentric family.

Price: $20 per book

HAL_Cover (1).jpg

Can an autistic child be cured of his disorder? What about his diametric opposite: the school bully? An innovative yet unscrupulous principal decides to find out. Choosing Lenny, the shut-down autistic child, and Hector, the undisciplined terror of the hallways, the nefarious Dr. Wikedda talks parents, teachers, and students into switching the lives of thse two unsuspecting boys to see if they will turn into each other. Along the way, she discovers that Alice, Lenny's misfit friend, can play a vital role in the plot. Together these three students become the center of: The H.A.L. Experiment.

Price: $20 per book


In this picture book and "social story" for young children and those who are developmentally challenged, meet Gary and Julie. They are both autistic. They may not be the same age, or the same gender, and they may be emotionally behind their chronological age, but that doesn't stop them from being best friends and having fun together.

Price: $15 per book

Cover Photo.jpg

Emma Journunite has no idea what she's getting into when she walks into West High on the first day of her sophomore year, having been homeschooled her entire life. But Alex Ashwall and Merrill Walker know what's in store for her, because Alex, like Emma, has autism, and Merrill has ADD. Although Emma gets attacked and sent to detention during her very first class, Alex and Merrill come to the rescue--by teaching her the rules of the game to stay safe. This compelling story illustrates the social struggles faced by disabled students daily, but it also presents a hopeful message that anyone can get by with a little help from their friends, whoever those friends happen to be.

Price: $20 per book

Albums Recorded by James Williams

Pop Goes The Recorder.jpg
Pop Goes the Recorder Back.jpg
Christmas Album.jpg
Christmas Album Back.jpg

Price: $15 per album

Price: $10 per album

Price: $10 per album

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